To be discovered Valle del Chiese

Hiking in the mountains. Explore alpine lakes, forts, museums and try some extreme sports.
The Parco Adamello Brenta

The largest protected area in Trentino. Discover the Val di Fumo (within one hour’s drive from the hotel), Val di Daone and Val di Sole.

Cycle path

The Baitoni-Pieve di Bono cycle path.
17 km of completely paved track suitable for everyone.


The Valle del Chiese, and in particular the town of Storo, is a canyoning paradise in Trentino. Here you can swim in the crystal clear waters of the Palvico torrent, shooting the waterfalls and rapids.

Lake Idro

We are about 4 km from the Trentino shore of Lake Idro and the Baitoni beach. It is famous for the winds that make it a favourite destination of kite and wind-surfing enthusiasts.

Ake Boats

Magnificent natural scenery views from the lake. Take advantage of the navigation service for a tour on Lake Idro. The nearest landing is at Baitoni (at about 4 km).


Escorted by certified pilots, you can fly over Lake Hydro, Val di Ledro and the Val di Breguzzo. An unforgettable experience that will leave you speechless. For more information visit the website Trentino Adventures.


The castle at Bondone (Castello San Giovanni) is open to the public in July and August with shows and entertainment for children and themed workshops.

Castles and Museums

Visit the fortresses of the First World War. Fort Larino, Fort Corno and Forte Carriola and “The Great War Museum”. For more information visit

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